Sce Chemicals

Born from the split of « Société Chérifienne d’Engrais et de Produits Chimiques » in December 2018, SCE Chemicals encompasses all the chemical activities of the group. It operates from an industrial complex covering an area of 8 hectares in Jorf Lasfar, as well as an activity zone in Aîn Sebâa, Casablanca.

SCE Chemicals’ products are used as raw materials in various industries such as detergents, paint, wood industry, water treatment, agri-food, automotive, energy, agriculture, and more.

We provide essential chemical solutions to meet the needs of these sectors and contribute to their development. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we take pride in supporting these industries by supplying high-quality chemicals and assisting them in their projects and challenges.

Our goal is to play a key role in Morocco’s economic development and contribute to improving the quality of life for its inhabitants through our versatile and sustainable chemical products.