En tant qu’opérateur historique dans le secteur économique industriel, la promotion de l’intégrité et de la transparence dans la conduite de nos activités et dans nos relations constitue le cœur de nos principes éthiques.
Par ailleurs, le respect des lois et règlements en vigueur est une condition obligatoire pour toute activité au sein de SCE Chemicals quels que soient sa nature et son degré d’importance.

As a long-standing player in the industrial economic sector, promoting integrity and transparency in the conduct of our activities and relationships is at the core of our ethical principles. We firmly believe that adhering to laws and regulations is a mandatory requirement for all activities within SCE Chemicals, regardless of their nature and significance.

We take responsibility for ensuring the understanding and implementation of our code of ethics. We strive to establish and enhance good practices and operational procedures, continuously improve our corporate governance standards, and promptly report any actual or suspected violations.

Our commitment to ethical conduct extends to all levels of our organization. We promote a culture that upholds honesty, fairness, and accountability. We provide appropriate training and guidance to our employees to ensure they understand and comply with ethical standards.

By upholding high ethical standards and fostering a culture of integrity, we aim to build trust and maintain strong relationships with our stakeholders, including employees, partners, customers, and the community.